A place where fine jewelry and accessories come together to express everything that living out loud can be... living in your true Bold Soul.


I find that life brings each of us unique challenges to overcome and joys to celebrate. Each day can mold who we are and how we feel. I believe our jewelry and accessories can reflect who we are and how we feel on any given day.

Some days we may feel sassy and rambunctious, while other days we may feel spiritual and grounded, so I wanted Bold Soul Designs to be there for those mornings when you wake up feeling Happy AF, or when you need inspiration to be Strong AF, or if you are simply feeling the need for Peace.

I created Bold Soul Designs as a place where fine jewelry and accessories could come together with self-expression to create a bold statement about living authentic and living out loud.

Here there’s no judgement, no pressure, just timeless, mindful and creative jewelry that encourages confidence, inner strength, and the belief that you are powerful just the way you are.

I believe that fine jewelry should be an accessory that accentuates a person’s unique qualities; those spirited attributes that drive them to wake up, do life, and live boldly without regret.

Find your bold soul with my timeless and ageless designs; meant to empower and ignite the souls of women everywhere. - Kris Mattson, Owner Bold Soul Jewelry Designs

Bold Soul Fine Jewelry is Sustainable.

Our handcrafted fine jewelry is expertly made in the US using the recycled metals of .935 sterling silver and 14K yellow gold. It's not enough to use recycled metals, but we are committed to only crafting with traceable, sustainable gemstones and diamonds of SI clarity; GH color, that have been ethically sourced using environmentally sound practices. We continue to operate our studio as earth friendly as possible as we source our eco-kind diamonds, stones, and materials and monitor our ethical manufacturing practices. 

Each of our unique Bold Soul designs are hand created from castings and are never stamped; this allows for deep, intricate cursive detailing. The many steps taken to finish our diamond pendants leave you with nothing less than a shimmering contrast of sterling silver and bright yellow gold, set off by signature diamonds - all playfully cast throughout each bold soul jewelry design.

Bold Soul Fine Jewelry is designed to wear layered with confidence, courage, and without judgment, making it optimal for that playful, edgy side of your personality. Choose the design that empowers you and best represents your authentic journey.